Articles of Association of Yantai Foreign Language Association

 Chapter One General Provisions

Article 1 The Chinese title of the association: 烟台市外语协会.

English title: Foreign Language Association, abbreviated as YFLA.

Article 2 Type of YFLA: YFLA is a non-profit social organization which is advocated by leading foreign language experts in Yantai and self-formed by foreign language workers and enthusiasts interested in foreign language activities, teaching, seminars, etc. from higher institutions, enterprises and public institutions in Yantai.

Article 3 Purposes of YFLA: Aiming at serving all foreign language enthusiasts and the society, YFLA carries out foreign language exchange, foreign language activities, education, educational research, contests and other activities to promote the national enthusiasm for learning foreign languages, improve foreign language service level and serve local economic construction by complying with the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies and abiding by social morality. The foreign languages comprise English, Korean, Japanese and minority languages such as French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.

Article 4 Registration administration organ: Yantai Civil Affairs Bureau.

Article 5 Location of YFLA: 113 Huanshan Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City, Shandong Province.  

Chapter Two Scope of Business

Article 6 The business scope of YFLA:

6.1 To organize foreign language academic lectures, carry out all kinds of foreign language knowledge contests so as to promote the national enthusiasm for learning foreign languages;

6.2 To contribute suggestions for the economic and cultural construction and provide reasonable proposals to reflect views and voices of the members based on new trends of science and technology at home and abroad; and organize social activities and foreign exchange for foreign language workers in Yantai;

6.3 To organize and carry out all kinds of foreign language training, foreign language knowledge consulting, overseas education consulting and translation services by giving full play to the role of foreign language resources of the YFLA so as to actively offer service for local economic construction and social development; and hold various forms of foreign language practice activities in accordance with the purposes of the YFLA;

6.4 To organize members to write and publish materials, books and journals relevant to foreign languages and found an association journal;

6.5 To perform industrial management, industrial coordination, industrial self-discipline and the like;

6.6 To establish business relations with domestic and international teaching and academic institutions to provide teacher exchanges and visits services;

6.7 To build a platform for foreign language enthusiasts and talents of foreign units by founding a large foreign language industry website ( in order to offer free foreign language services in all aspects and promote exchanges and cooperation.

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